Constructions Cleaning

If you are doing a commercial build out of a new office/manufacturing space, we can take care of all your cleaning needs. Or, if you’re building a brand-new facility, we, again, can fulfill all your cleaning needs. We work both with companies who are having partial remodels and those constructing brand new buildings. We are your one-stop cleaning company. We can clean your windows, strip/seal/wax your VCT floors, steam and extract your carpets, or bonnet shampoo your carpets, depending on your needs and schedule. Bonnet shampooing takes much less time to dry, thus, allowing you to move into your new facilities much quicker. We can make sure that your buildout or new building gets the finishing touches it needs to deliver that polished first class look you expect! If we can assist with your post-construction needs, please call A-1 Phoenix Cleaning Services now for a free no obligation quote at 603.883.0014