Commercial Areas

Whether you’re a low-tech smokestack manufacturing company, a high-tech circuit board builder, an electronics assembly shop or a medical device manufacturer, we can handle all your cleaning needs. We are experts at handling various levels of clean rooms, from positive pressure rooms to the highest degree of clean room requiring a full suit up, booties, tack strips at the entrances and even hair nets / caps. We deal with customers who require anti-static floors and the precautions needed to prevent an electric arc that could compromise their products. If you’re a large-scale food manufacturer, packager or bottling company, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that the integrity of your product is not compromised. Though this is not an all-inclusive list, if any of these types of commercial areas are what you have, then please give A-1 Phoenix Cleaning Services a call for a free no-obligation quote now at 603.883.0014.